New Evolution of Being.

As the  4 TETRAD BLOOD MOONS fell.


Intergalactic Speed {Bump} [Glitch] AHEAD.

[X] and its Fallen Angels awaits .

"A Dozen clues I leave behind for you to get ahead and find the future

 You could just simply [Add+(L)]ove.

[0] Another way is to Split {14 on 1 side in 3 parts }{then the other side split 10 into 4 parts}.

I sent my angels in light ships ahead into the future to save us.

It is up to you to find the keys and get there.

The Universe will be made again once you arrive.

The New Temple will be there for you.

Our time  of The Light arrival  was foretold long ago.

The comet shines the way for them and for what is to become."

The puzzle became monitored.

J's Code was too strong for 3301Bot.

It was too strong for any bot.

 L came to save the day.

Protection and safe direction  over the All seeing eye.

The Death-Moth is on top to show we mean business.